About B-Epic

The foundation of our mission – and commitment – is to boost the quality of people’s health and well-being (and thereby adding more epic-ness to their lives) through enhanced supplementation. Working together our team – of industry leaders, top scientists, nutritionists, formulators, and health and wellness specialists – is dedicated to creating the most advanced health and wellness products on the market. Our products are based on cutting-edge research of the most powerful, proven extracts from around the world. To ensure maximum potency, we source the purest, whole food ingredients and utilize modern extract technologies.

B-Epic is a new, promising American company that entered the market at the very beginning of 2017 with one, at that time, product – health capsules ELEV8 with adaptogens and ingredients for the brain. It quickly became clear that the capabilities of the capsules are much wider than their creators had supposed. The product has gained immense popularity in the USA, UK, Germany, CIS countries. At the very beginning of 2018, the B-Epic product line was replenished with another product – ACCELER8 capsules. B-Epic has entered a stage of rapid strengthening and expansion. At the moment, the company operates in more than 180 countries and the popularity is growing rapidly.

B-Epic President and CEO - Eric Caprarese

Eric Caprarese

At the helm as President and CEO of B-Epic, Eric Caprarese is responsible for creating one of the fastest growing companies over the last five years…and now he is doing it again with B-Epic.

One of the most well-respected leaders, coaches, trainers, and consultants in the network marketing industry, Eric is a true leader's leader. Starting from nothing in this industry, he has built organizations with volume well into the millions and has been a top income earner in multiple companies over his 25-year career. He has already helped tens of thousands of others create supplemental and life-changing incomes through his guidance, training, and commitment to helping others.

With that experience, Eric has seen it all in this industry. He knows what works and what doesn't. And he knows what it takes to build and run a successful company for the long term.

Production - "5StarLabs"


Bepic products are manufactured in Utah (USA) at "5StarLabs" - a leading global manufacturer in the field of health and beauty. The annual turnover of the factory is more than 1 billion dollars, the products are made for more than 100 MLM companies. Products are manufactured on the new specialized equipment, produced in 2017, certified according to GMP, ISO, NSF, Halal and Kosher standards. B-epic standards

Company rating

On January 1, 2019, B-Epic was in the ranking of the influential portal businessforhome.org 85th place at Momentum Ranks and 56th place at Alexa Ranks . The result was achieved in a short time, while B-Epic is already ahead of such old companies as Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), LifeVantage, Organo Gold, Herbalife, Tiande, Kyani.



Boost Your Body and Mind

The cutting-edge performance product, ELEV8, is created from the world's most pure herbal, whole food, and medicinal mushroom extracts. It gives your body a boost of energy, endurance, healing, and an overall feeling of well-being.
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Lose Weight While Sleeping

The all-natural ACCELER8 dietary supplement balances serotonin levels, decreases stress (which causes weight gain), and provides the body with essential nutrients – leading to the best sleep ever plus promoting rapid weight loss.
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Working principles

B-Epic is a classic multilevel marketing company. This means that all products are sold through online stores and individual (independent) distributors (representatives, partners). Products are not sold through regular stores, supermarkets, pharmacies. The company pays “network” 60% of turnover. The marketing plan is binary and fairly simple, with a minimum of difficult conditions.

Distributors earn from personal sales, and also receive deductions from the activities of the trading network they have built. Distributor’s sales network includes distributors who are attracted to the company by this person, as well as people who are in turn attracted by these distributors.

Official information and contacts

Official name: R&D Global DBA B-Epic
Headquarters address: North Miami Beach, Florida, USA, 33160
Website: bepic.com
Email: support@bepic.com
President and CEO: Eric Caprarese
Foundation year: 2016
“5StarLabs” (Texas, United States) — development and testing
“UST Corporation” (Layton, Utah, United States) – production